Full-Length, Tragicomedy, Social Awareness

Gorilla Girl


2 people, 2 countries, 2 different upbringings, 1 brain Brought together seemingly by fate, Gorilla Girl follows the relationship of Keith and Catherine, a couple who meet in a chat room. It challenges the way relationships are viewed in Western Culture and will leave you debating, who is the real villain.

Cat Rhoden-Goguen
Cast Breakdown
2f, 1m
Age Appropriateness
mature audiences
Play History
Gorilla Girl, Reading in Lexington,KY Artsplace, 2018
Author Bio
Catherine Rhoden Goguen-retired educator, NBCT, drama coach and semi finalist 2010, KTA for The Dinner Club. Her play, May I Have Your Attention Please?, published by Pioneer Drama in 2003 has been performed all over the US and Canada as well in Great Britain and Ireland. The play won the prestigious Critic’s Choice Award at the Wisconsin State Theatre Festival. Her second published play, Looking for Mr. Right, published by Brooklyn Publishers has also found success in the US and Canada.
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